This is the place-holder content provided by JxH Network to keep visitors from viewing an empty page! To begin editing, please use your FTP credentials and upload your files. If you have any issues, please visit the FAQ page before contacting us. We would be happy to assist you in anyway possible, please use the Contact Us page. While using our services whether you donate or not, please follow the simple 3 rules and try to adhere to the remaining as best as possible.

All users are entitled to custom e-mail accounts as well. please contact Jason for that. If you are using our services, then you should have a method of contacting him. We do expect to have a full hosting service in the near future and more space for friends that already are using our shared services. If you will not be using this space for a site, please keep this place-holder running. We will be adding Ads in the near future to help promote our services and earn revenue!

Below I have included some resources such as the Byte Converter. There is a storage and bandwidth limit but I really doubt anyone will reach it. I do recommend that everyone try to stay below 5 GB of Storage and 50 GB of monthly Bandwidth since we all share. Use the converter to find out how much space of the recommended 5 GB you will use, for example, when uploading 31,457 Kb!

By the way, be grateful! Jason is paying for this Business level hosting from world renown 1&1 Hosting and has decided to help out a friend here and there. So don't be greedy and be considerate of everyone!

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